October 18, 2021

Regardless of whether the set-up operation must be monitored safely, protection via speed limitation is needed or a safety gate is released after detection of standstill - the speed and standstill monitor UH 5947 of the SAFEMASTER S series is the right choice for your application.

The device can be operated via the 4 buttons on the front and the LCD display, thus enabling simple parameterisation. For example, the encoder type, speed limits per operating mode and delay times can be flexibly adapted to your application. During operation, the current speed values can be read directly at any time, which in particular makes commissioning easier. To prevent manipulation, the configuration can be protected against unintentional changes by means of a parameter lock after commissioning. For multiple use, the configuration can easily be transferred from unit to unit via interface. The device status or the current speed can further be processed by a control system via a semiconductor signal output.

The speed and standstill monitor UH 5947 covers the combined application of encoder signals and PNP or NPN sensors. Alternatively, NAMUR sensor technology can be used as a device variant. The device can be used in temperature ranges from -20 to +60 degrees Celsius and up to heights of 4000 metres.

Advantages and customer benefits