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October 7, 2021

On September 30th 2021, Bosch Rexroth Canada Corp., had a sod turning event late that morning. The event occurred outside, and a small amount of people participated in the event.

Among those who participated were five members of the senior leadership for Bosch-Rexroth, as well as a Member of Parliament for the Niagara Centre and two VIPs from the City of Welland, Ontario where this event took place.


  •    -   Frank Campion – Mayor of the city of Welland Ontario Canada
  •    -   Vance Badawey - Member of Parliament for Niagara Centre, Ontario
  •    -   Lina DeChellis – Manager Economic Development, City of Welland

Senior Leadership of Bosch Rexroth:

  •    -   Greg Gumbs – Sr VP Sales Bosch Rexroth North America
  •    -   Christoph Kleu – Executive VP, Finance and Controlling Bosch Rexroth North America
  •    -   John Mataya – Director Finance and Administration, Bosch Rexroth North America
  •    -   Trevor Osborne - Director, Regional Sales Bosch Rexroth Canada
  •    -   Vaughan Elliott – Facilities Manager Bosch Rexroth Canada


The agenda for the event included speeches from six of the eight aforementioned participants, a sod turning picture session (seen above), a wall painting by participants on a concrete wall that will be destroyed to make room for a future Bosch-Rexroth expansion project, and a signing of the sledgehammer that will be kept with pieces of the aforementioned wall that will be kept as memorabilia to commemorate this new Bosch-Rexroth historical milestone.

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Featured Article: Decoding the Most Versatile Industrial Connector in the World


If you were around in 1980’s you will probably remember walkmans, vcrs, mix tapes and big hair bands on MTV, amongst other things. The decade started with the release of PacMan, the Rubiks Cube and a Hollywood actor called Ronald Reagan winning the US Presidential election. It ended with the first episode of the Simpsons, Timothy Berners-Lee inventing the World Wide Web and the Berlin Wall coming down to symbolize the end of the Cold War.

Some notable 1980’s inventions included the first artificial heart, CD players, the Apple MacIntosh computer, Microsoft Windows, the Nintendo Gameboy and the first GPS satellite to be launched into space.

But there was one more invention of the 1980s that wasn’t really noticed by the general public, but ultimately paved the way for fast, easy and reliable electrical connections that we often take for granted in control systems today. We are talking about the M12 circular connector that was launched at the Hannover Fair in 1985 and has since become one of the most popular industrial connectors in the world.

These days, you will be hard-pressed to walk into any manufacturing plant without seeing an M12 connector. They are used to connect sensors to I/O modules, vision systems to Ethernet switches, light curtains to safety controllers and much more. Originally only available in 3-pole and 4-pole versions with an A-Coded keyway for power and I/O signals, the M12 connector is still evolving and has become one of the most versatile circular connectors available.

Now, more than 35 years since it was launched, there are many different types of M12 connectors for signal, data and power connections.

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Featured Product: FLIR A50 and A70 Thermal Cameras Offer Turnkey Solutions for Efficient Data Analysis


When decision makers seek to integrate new hardware into their automation process, they are often looking at a few key areas – the ease of use, price point, features, and the ability to utilize the hardware at multiple points throughout their system. The new A50 and A70 thermal cameras come in three options – Smart, Streaming, and Research & Development to fit the needs of professionals across a variety of industries – from manufacturing to utilities to science.  The new cameras offer improved accuracy of ±2 °C or ±2% temperature measurement, compared to the previous accuracy of ±5 °C, or ±5% temperature measurement. The cameras all include an IP66 rating, along with a small, compact size with higher resolution options compared to previous versions.

Featuring a thermal resolution of 464 x 348 (A50) or 640 x 480 (A70), professionals can deploy the A50 or A70 cameras in a variety of capacities. These include condition monitoring programs to maximize uptime and minimize cost through planned maintenance, or when used in early fire detection applications to safeguard the lives of workers and secure the profitability of the business by protecting materials and assets. With improved temperature measurement accuracy of ±2 °C, professionals can rely on consistent readings over a period of time, or through varying environmental factors, eliminating any guesswork from data analysis.

The IP66 rating for both the A50 and A70 provides protection from dust, oil, and water, making the cameras ideal for tough, industrial environments. This ruggedness is especially helpful when the camera is being moved from one application to the next. Whether the camera is fix-mounted inspecting a production line or when required for bench testing, professionals benefit from its versatility.

A50/70 Smart

Designed for condition monitoring programs to reduce inspection times, improve production efficiency, and increase product reliability, the A50 and A70 Smart cameras introduce “on camera / on edge” smart functionality.

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